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Related post: Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 18:32:47 -0600 From: Kevin Mac Subject: RA Adventures Chapter 7RA Adventures (C) KV 2000If you're offended cp loli sex by sexual 12yr girl loli activities between men, or if you're younger than 18, it is my (sad) duty to ask you to leave. If you're over 18 and meant to be here, please, kick back, relax and enjoy! The response to lolicon tapes the story thus far has far exceeded my expectations (especially with this being my first story). All I can say is thank you. There's more on the way, though please be patient with me. I'm dishing this out as fast as is reasonable (considering I actually have a career and what not). Do stay tuned for coming attractions. Also, I'm still adding people to the update list. If you'd like to be one of those people, just let me know. -----------------------------Chapter 7 I dropped Chris off at the dorm and we said our good-byes with me agreeing to keep her posted on whatever life changes occurred. She pecked me on the lips and winked as she shut the car door. I drove back to the apartment and was surprised to find loli chat the front door unlocked. I walked in expecting to nude loli nymphets find Clint and Michael sitting, catching up on old times and getting more or less sloshed. What I walked into was a dark apartment where the only light shining was coming from over the stove. I decided they had indeed gotten sloshed, hence the unlocked door, and had gone to bed before I arrived. I said a silent 'oh well!' to my self and unbuttoned my shirt on the way to my lolitta teens sexy room. I walked in and finished undressing and decided if everybody else had gone to bed, I would too. I hung my suit loli heaven up and chunked the rest of my worn attire in the dirty clothes. I didn't even bother turning on the light. I turned around to get in bed and about jumped out lolicon biz of my skin when I saw Clint lying loli teen list there, face down, sleeping contentedly. His torso was lolit 14 years sex bare and his arms where hugging his pillow as slept. I could see the muscles in his back and shoulders ripple with each breath. The sheet was draped lazily over his tight butt cheeks and I gasped, as much from the sight of him as from the surprise. He, it seemed, was not disturbed by said gasp and didn't even so much as twitch in acknowledgement. I laughed silently at myself and slipped on my flannel lounge pants and padded out lolicon biz free of my room. I poked my head in pussy lolicon Clint's room fully expecting to find Michael sprawled out on Clint's bed. In stead, I found a neat bed with no occupant. My curiosity was free nude lolitta pictures definitely piqued, so I decided to get outside and clear my head. I grabbed my pack of Benson & Hedges 11 yo loli nymphets and my sex young virgin lolit lighter and walked out the door. I reached the bottom of the stairwell and sat down with a sigh. I lit up and was just loli toon thumbnails about relaxed when I saw someone approaching about a block away. As he got closer I got a better look at him, and the better look I got, the more I started drooling. Whoever this guy was -- and I had a strong feeling this was our boy -- was simply drop-dead gorgeous. He was shorter than Clint, about 6', light brown hair spiked at the top and small wire-framed glasses. As he got closer I noticed the incredible build on this guy, he looked like a model. He walked straight in my direction and my heart skipped a beat, but he didn't come anywhere close to making eye contact with me. He walked right up to me and was about to climb the stairs up to our apartment. I watched the muscles in his forearm and biceps flex under tanned skin as he walked. "Excuse me," he mumbled softly. "Michael, right?" He looked at me, shocked. "Uh, yes. lolicon panties Who are you?" he asked brusquely. "Kevin McReardon," I introduced myself and held out my hand. sex girl loli A relieved look washed over his face and his features softened. He shook my hand and the hair on my arm stood up as my skin darkcollections loli touched his. I did my best to hide my reaction "Michael Weathersby," he said and smiled. "I was beginning to wonder if I'd had a monumental memory loss!" "I had an unfair advantage -- I knew you'd be coming this way," I said and returned his warm smile. "Smoke?" I offered. "It's a nasty habit, you loli virgin bbs know," he said, frowning at me. "A nasty **occasional* habit. And yes, I do know." He grinned at my response and took lolity extreme the pack from free cp loli porn my hand. We laughed and pthc loli kinder talked as we finished smoking after which we climbed the stairs up to the apartment. We walked in and he made himself at home on the couch. "You know, I guess I should be tired, but I feel pretty wound up after the trip," he said. "I have just the remedy, young Mr. Weathersby. Choose your poison." "Martini, two olives -- shaken, not stirred." This last bit he said in a James Bond mimic. I couldn't help but laugh. "Right-o 007." After finishing a few rounds of drinks we were both loosening up a good bit. underage pedo loli lolipop hentay tgp I flipped on the TV and began surfing through the channels. I stopped at a random movie and really was not paying attention to it...it was more background noise than anything. Michael and I kept chatting, heavily feeling the effects of our delve into an alcoholic quasi-nirvana. We talked as if we had known each other for years, talking about life, careers, friends, just about everything. At some point the room light began to annoy me and I wondered why it was still on. I got up and flipped it off and sat down heavily on the sofa next to Michael. He found this quite amusing and we laughed about it for a couple more minutes. We had finally reached that everything's-funny stage and were enjoying ourselves greatly. Once he finally caught his breath he faced me and leaned against the back of the sofa. "So, where's my no-good cousin?" he asked, his voice slightly less crisp and sharp than it had been. "Fast asleep on my bed where I left him a couple of hours ago, I suppose." "Oh. You guys getting that close, eh?" He smirked at me. "You know you're just jealous," I smirked at him. "I'm getting loli kids nude kind of tired," I said, changing the subject. "Hmmm? Mmm...yup...me too. Don't wanna go to bed, though. Movie?" "What the hell. I rented a DVD for tomorrow, but I guess we can watch it now." "Cool." I had rented a new action thriller that I felt pretty sure would hold my interest. I popped the disc in and settled down at the end of the sofa. As the movie started I got a chance to give Michael a closer inspection without his notice. He looked incredibly sexy. His eyes were the deepest blue that I dirty little lolitta had ever seen. Unless the light caught them, they looked almost black. They were to drown in. His sandy brown hair was spiked in a very coifed sort of way...that loli nu teens kind of look that says a something a little more wild and yet gives you the distinct impression that not a hair is out of place. Just like Clint, he exuded masculinity. He turned his head to face my direction and locked his sapphire eyes onto mine. "Still awake?" he asked. "Barely," I mumbled. He gave me a sideways grin and directed his attention back to the screen. I kept stealing glances, some covert and some not so covert, at Michael. He had a strong jaw and full, sensuous lips. I was getting a little flustered and flushed. Somewhere in the back of my awareness I noticed I was drifting out of consciousness. I woke up and was horrified to notice my legs stretched across Michael's legs and him calmly resting his hands on lolit sexy my shins. Even more embarrassing, I was half-hard and my manhood was snaking down my leg. I sat up and pulled my legs off his. lolitta pussy "Uh...sorry about that...guess I got loli virgine a little comfortable," I little child nude loli blushed. "No problem. I know how that one goes." He shot me a debonair smile. loli boys and girls "Michael, I'm gonna go on to bed. No sense putting off the inevitable," I grinned at him. "I think I'll do the same. I'm sure Clint will be up and running tomorrow since he went to bed so early and I want to get all the sleep I can." I rolled my eyes playfully and nodded my agreement. With that I got up and lumbered toward the bathroom to relieve my full bladder and brush my teeth. When my hands made contact with my warm cock it was all I could do to make myself piss. After I was done I stuffed it uncomfortably teen loli movies back in. I was definitely more than a little horny. I brushed my teeth thinking about Clint in my bed when it suddenly dawned on me that I really needed to sort out sleeping arrangements. After washing the grime off my face I reached for the towel where it should have hung on the rack. I was surprised when my fingers encountered bare wall and then jumped when felt a hand brush mine, handing me the towel. I dried my face and looked up at Michael standing there. "Sorry," he said grinning. "I was going to ask you which bed you wanted me in, yours or Clint's." I flushed and my already tumescent prick got a little harder. "Whichever you're most comfortable with. I can always take the couch, it's a fold-out." He nodded and stepped out casually. I sighed with relief. This guy was really doing a number on me. "Fuck it," I heard him say from down the hall. Suddenly he reappeared in the doorway with free lolicon comics an animal gleam in his eyes. Before I knew what was happening I felt his arm circle my waist, his other hand on the back of my head and his soft lips pressed hard on mine. I was instantly hard as steel. He pressed his chest into mine and moaned petite virgin loli into my mouth. I kissed him back passionately, tasting his mouth and our tongues probing and meeting each other. I let my hands slide down his back onto the firm globes of nymphette loli his ass. He lifted me up lolits teen slightly and sat me down on the bathroom counter, his tongue teasing mine. I breathlessly broke the kiss and we sat there with our crotches grinding into each other. "Clint's bed?" he asked. I nodded and we hurried as quietly as possible into Clint's room and shut the door behind us. Michael pulled off loli elwebbs his glasses and I proceeded to loli preteen model nude lift his shirt over his head revealing a spectacular torso. He was defined in all the right places and I just lolits young girls wanted to eat off him. He mpegs loli did the same with me and mumbled a 'very nice' while he ran his hands down my sides. We fell onto Clint's bed and were grinding against each other hard. I found Michael's lips with my own and kissed him long and deep for as long as I could stand it. The boy really knew how to kiss. I nibbled on his bottom lip and I felt his hands slide under the waistband of my flannel pants. He cupped my ass with his hands and began pulling me into him even harder. I licked along his jaw and paused to kiss and nibble on his loli anal pics ear. Evidently I pressed a button because he moaned loudly and his hips bucked up. young lolitta movie "Keep doing that and it'll be over real soon," he said softly into my ear. His voice had taken on a different tone and I was incredibly turned on by it. I liked down his neck kissing and sucking along the way. I was rewarded with another moan. I liked down his clavicle and found his hardened nipple waiting for me. I took the right one into my mouth and flicked my tongue across it rapidly. Michael just ground his crotch against mine even harder. I playfully nipped at it and I felt his abs tighten up hard against me. He reached up and pushed loli kids me off. "Mmm...need breathing time. You're just pushing all the right buttons." I smiled contentedly and took another quick bite at his tender nipple. He tossed his head back and moaned again. lolipop teen handjob He then flipped me over and proceeded to give me the same treatment. After a few minutes he had me going to the moon. He slid my pants down my legs and my boxers with them leaving me pointing up at the ceiling. He smiled and took me in his hand. The instant his skin made contact with mine I felt a jolt all through me. I brushed his hand aside. "Too soon..." I muttered. He smiled again and licked up my inner thighs and found my smooth sac. He licked around it and then sucked my jewels into his mouth. boys loli I found my voice had left me and I was reduced to a moaning idiot. He licked down my perineum and sent me even higher. He took his sweet time, drawing little circles with his tongue. Without notice, he suddenly dove down on my rod taking it to the hilt. He then began pulling off it slowly, the only pressure coming from his pursed lips. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt...gentle suction and just that pressure. I lost the power to even moan and just concentrated on breathing. The pleasure was vibrating through me. I fast felt myself coming to the brink and tried to summon the strength to push him off, or at least get a grunt out of my mouth. All that came out loli angel nymphets was a frustrated sigh. If anything, he sped up. He added his tongue into the mix, which would swirl around my head with each stroke. He then changed to an agonizingly slow pace, adding more suction. I was there...the point of no return and I could feel my orgasm building in my toes and my underage underground nude loli fingers and moving like a tidal wave loli boys beam to the center of my body. Michael stayed glued and continued tgp lolicon doujinshi his slow milking movements. If I could have screamed, I would have. He looked up at me and his eyes locked on mine. In that instant pedo loli porn gallery I began blasting my hot jism into hard sex model loli his mouth. I felt like every nerve in my lolicon linklist body had shut down and my whole being was a pulsing cock xxx lolitta free at that moment. Blast after blast left me and entered underage loli fuck Michael. When I finally returned to this side of reality he licked up my abs and finally met me with a wet kiss. I kissed him passionately, sucking his tongue into my mouth and nibbling on it gently. I felt his fingers trace the loli sex forum young russian loli bbs crack of ass and play with my tender rosebud. His rock-hard prick traced silvery lines along my thighs as we kissed. He licked along my ear and whispered in a low lusty voice, "May I?" I nodded and felt a jolt through my prick and rolled onto my side. His thick fingers tapped my asian lolias kid sex pucker loli bbs foto as he sucked and bit my neck. He brought his other hand to my mouth and traced my lips with his fingers. I sucked his first two fingers into my mouth and ran my tongue over his course skin. Once they were sufficiently wet he proceeded to press littel lolitta free them against my throbbing hole. They slid in with practiced ease state and he pushed in and searched for my prostate. Once his fingers grazed it, my softening dick jumped to life. He slid a third finger in and gently moved them in and out. I pushed myself down on them further, meeting his pace. I reached behind me and began stroking his stiff rod. It was covered in under teen loli precum and my hand slid easily over it. I pulled off his hand and kissed down his chest again. I paused at his belly button and stuck my tongue in, teasing the sensitive nerve endings. He groaned again, his meat poking me in the neck. I took my cue and licked farther down. I held his hot prick in and looked at it. It was as perfect a dick as I had ever seen, nestled in a lolicon free videos neatly trimmed dark blond bush. It had to have been a good nine inches and very thick. It bulged in the middle and was topped with a large helmet that lolitta mpg was turning more and lolicon mom more purple with every minute. I lifted my gaze to his face and smiled at him. He looked like sexy incarnate, propped on his elbows looking down at me. He reached up and touched my cheek tenderly. My eyes not leaving his, I blew on the tip gallery teen loli of his oversensitive cock and felt it jump in my hands. I stuck out my tongue and flicked it across the head. He tossed his head back and moaned. I repeated it several more times each time eliciting the same response. Finally, I'd had enough foreplay and slid his head into my moist mouth. He thrust lolit boys porn up pushing more in my mouth. I took him down to the root allowing him to gag me slightly forcing more saliva down onto him. It trickled down to his balls, which I was slowly cupping and massaging in my hand. He got my rhythm and pumped against my face, each time making more and more saliva drip from my mouth. I felt his balls pull up slightly and pulled off. His head was still back and he was breathing loli dutch slowly, trying to regain control. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deep. kiddy preteen loli illegal His lust was in control and I could taste it. I turned over and faced away from him. He spooned me and kissed my neck and back while reaching over me to stroke my throbbing prick again. I heard him fumbling in a drawer next to the bed and then heard him tear open a condom. underground loli studio He then spit onto his hand and then rubbed his warm saliva into my pucker again. I then felt the head of his cock press against it. I relaxed lolit hentai my muscles and backed onto him. Momentarily surprised, he moaned and then recovered, slowly sliding all of his girth into me, stretching me. I paused to relax and adjust, then he slid further in. With every movement he would massage my sensitive prostate. He pulled me into him, my back pressed against his hard chest. He slowly began a methodical rhythm. It was an altogether new position for me, but I found it wonderful. He would nip at my neck and stroke my manhood while pistoning in and out of me. Nary a word was spoken, just our controlled grunts and moans. His hands were all over my chest hugging me and caressing me. I felt him pick up the pace, and I matched it, stroke for stroke. He leaned up and would moan my name into his ear. I felt him quickening his pace and my hyperstimulated prostate sent a jolt through me. I reached behind him and angled my head around and pulled his face to mine. Our tongues played and danced with each other. I glanced into his eyes and knew he was there. His thrust reached a frenzied pace and his tongue dove deep into my mouth. Suddenly his whole body tensed and he locked his muscular arms around me. He pumped load after load and would moan my name or some moaning variation thereof, with every stroke. We just lay there for lsland loli pic what seemed like an eternity just catching our breath. I looked down and noticed my abs and chest were covered lolicon movie list in my second load. I slowly pulled off him and turned over to face him. He was propped on his elbow, resting his head on his hand. He just grinned at me. He pulled me in for another kiss, this one gentle and tender. "That was incredible," I free preteen lolitias finally managed to get out. "The best." We continued our post-coital chit-chat while I let my hands lazily roam over his muscled thighs, firm glutes, tight stomach... "Clint has no clue about you, does he?" I asked. "Nope. I assume the same is true for you." I nodded. "So, what now?" "Now we sleep," I answered lifting my hand to caress his cheek. "And as much as I'd love to stay right here, I think I'd better go crash on the couch. As far as Clint goes, I guess we'll cross that bridge if and when we get there." He smiled, leaned in and planted a soft lingering kiss on my lips. "See you in the morning."----------------------------- I woke up to free lolitta sex sounds coming from the kitchen and the smell of breakfast. My stomach rumbled noisily. I glanced down and was rather horrified to notice that in my sleep I had kicked off my sheet and now my morning stiffy was proudly announcing itself through the fly russian loli sex in my boxers. I glanced over to Clint who must have seen me stir. pedo kinder loli "So, what's up?" he joked motioning toward my crotch. "Shut up..." anal loli clips "Looks fuck loli dirty like **somebody* had a nice dream last night. Was I good?" I followed his gaze down to my stomach where the dried remainder of my tryst with Michael remained. I blushed and quickly regained my composure. "I've had better." "Yeah, right. underage loli models Anyway, get your cummy self in the shower and clean up. Breakfast is pretty much ready." I rolled my eyes at him and lumbered down the hall, not bothering to cover myself. "And wake that useless cousin of mine up while you're there!" he called out behind me. I gently opened the door to Clint's room and saw Michael sprawled across the sheets. He looked nothing short of edible lying there. I gently sat down beside him and lightly brushed the exposed skin on his shoulders and back. He rolled over sleepily and opened those incredibly blue eyes to look up at me. He gave me his best attempt at a smile. "G'morning, sexy." "Mmm...heey," he muttered. His eyes drifted to my still exposed manhood. "I could get used to waking up like this." "Well, don't get too fresh on me...Clint's made breakfast and I need a shower -- not to mention a piss!" "Want some company?" he asked free lolitta boy pics groggily. "Don't tempt me, Weathersby. Go get some food and I'll be out in a minute." "Kay." Before I could react he had pulled me in and locked his lips on mine. I pulled off chuckling. "Naughty, naughty." I said as I walked to the bathroom. "Oh, and brush your teeth!" I heard Michael erupt with laughter as nymphet loli lesbian I shut the door behind me. I jumped in the shower for a quick rinse-off. I got out feeling like a million bucks.----------------------------- "So, did you actually get his ass out of bed?" Clint asked as I re-entered the kitchen. "Surprisingly ilegal loli porn enough. I think the key moment was when I threatened to get in bed with him," I answered with a smirk. Clint just laughed as he finished serving the plates. Michael walked in just in time to catch the last nonude board loli of his cousin's hardy laughter. "Acutally," preteen lolia bbs Clint went on, "he probably would have liked it." Michael rolled his eyes as he plopped down at the table. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about, pre loli pussy but don't try to project your desires on me," Michael responded. This elicited a round of laughter from us all. We proceeded to joke throughout breakfast just enjoying one another's company. Michael and I exchanged glances that we did our best to keep covert. I still felt like I was wearing a neon sign flashing xxx lolitta *I slept with your cousin*. It was in one of those pensive moments that Clint caught us making eye contact. "Is it just me, or are you guys up to something?" Clint asked. Michael suddenly developed something akin to the 'deer-in-the-headlights' look littel loli porn and caught my eye quickly from across the table. He proceeded to mutter a quiet "Huh?" "Well, since your lazy ass went to bed early we had no choice but to get to pedo lolihost know each other," I answered with a wink. A slow smile spread across Michael's face. "Uh huh. Whatever. Fags," muttered Clint, chuckling. shy loli illegal "Anyway, Mike, you'd better hurry up and shower so we can get you to the airport in time," said Clint. Michael just nodded. "Kev, are you coming?" I suddenly felt very much on-the-spot with both of these guys' eyes locked on me. "Um, yeah, I guess so." "Cool," said Michael. "How much time to we have before we need to leave?" "We should leave in around forty-five minutes to get there comfortably," answered Clint. 18 monkeys loli "Kay, I'm off to get cleaned up." Michael said as he deposited his dishes in the sink and padded down the hallway. "I'm gonna throw on some clothes and I'll be ready." Clint nodded and I made my way down to my room. When I walked in the first thing I noticed was the lingering scent of Clint's cologne. I slid on a pair of casual Abercrombie khakis and a blue t-shirt. I stepped into my favorite pair cp loli models of Doc Marten sandals and glanced over at my lolicon 3d unmade bed. It was a strange sensation to see my sheets and know that Clint was the last person that had slept on them. I walked over to the side of the bed and smoothed the sheets and I lifted the pillow to my face. It was as if Clint were in the room with me. I suddenly got a very guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was just putting the pillow back in its proper place when Michael walked up. "You ok?" he asked. "Yeah... I just... nevermind." I met Michael's gaze and smiled. "I know. I don't normally do lolicon and incest this either, but I don't regret it, Kevin." "I don't either. Really." I wasn't quite sure whom I was trying to convince. Several months ago this would have been nothing -- a chance encounter to be savored for what it was. At least it was someone I was genuinely attracted to... teen lolit free video Rational. Ri-ight. "You'll stay in touch?" he asked, his hand resting on my arm. "I will. You do the same." He finally returned my smile. "You bet, stud." He hoisted his bag onto his shoulder and turned as he got to the doorway. "Ready?" "Yup. Let's go grab the Clintster." "The Clintster?! God, Kev...that was lolicon movie forum download bad!" "I know, I know..." I mumbled, "cheese too early in the morning. Sorry." He chuckled as I followed lolits boy porn portal him out the door. The trip to the airport was non-eventful. Michael said his good-byes in perfect form and offered his home anytime we wanted to come visit. Clint promised to do just that and drag me along for the ride. I rode home with the same sinking feeling you get anytime you fuck somebody's family member. Michael was great...great looks, nice body, good personality, kind...I would probably even see him again, but he was still Clint's family. If Clint noticed my unease, he grand lolicon tpg didn't say anything. He sang along with the radio contentedly. I swiftly did what we guys do so well -- I put it out of my mind.----------------------------- When we got home our little answering machine light was blinking. I made a b-line toward the bathroom. As I was walking down the hall I heard, "Hey Clint, this is Chris. I just wanted to check up on you and see how your time with Michael went. I also wondered about your dinner plans. Call me back. Bye, babe."-----------------------------Chapter seven...come and gone. I hope you've enjoyed it. There is, quite definitely, more to come. Big and continuing thank-you's to all dark lolitta the great readers who've taken the time to write. The feedback has been great thus far. For those of kinder loli fuck topless you who haven't written...drop me a line and let me know what you think. Farscape20hotmail.com
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